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Bandhani Scarf Tie Dye Cotton Scarf

Bandhani Scarf Tie Dye Cotton Scarf

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Our Bandhani Scarf is handmade by women artisans in Western India who are skilled in very fine hand tie-dye (Bandhani).  Indian Bandhani, a traditional form of tie and dye, began about 5000 years ago and these women artisans are among the few remaining in India who still do such intricate tie dye patterns. This fair-trade cotton scarf is soft and vibrant, and the beautiful hand tie dye pattern gives it a natural textured effect. 


22" x 75"


Turquoise & Orchid  Item SC-211.9

Black & Red  Item SC-211.6

Navy & Turquoise  Item SC-211.7

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